Ten Steps To Wealth Course Part 1 Course Preview

Did you know 65% of people had three streams of income before they made their first million?  Do you have multiple streams of income?  Take a free test drive of my online class included in the membership.  

Quick Wealth tips

Multiple Streams of Incone

Your Primary Income - Job/Business

This is our main form of income. Try to get the highest paying job you can for the least amount of hours you must work if your job is not your long term career path especially if you have an entrepreneurial mindset.

Spouse Income or Second Job

It helps if one spouse has a very stable income and one can take some risks with developing a business. You both have to be on the same page either way. The extra savings from a second job or spousal income could greatly increase your chances of building wealth faster.


If you're saving for retirement, you need to save enough to generate enough income to replace your primary income. You want to meet with your financial advisor to discuss how you can better invest for your retirement.

Online Business / Hobby

There has never been a better time to start your own business. It helps to find a way to monitize your hobbies and eventually turn them into a thriving business that will last well into your retirement years.


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