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If you could live anywhere in a world, where would it be? What country would it be in? Which city?   And my next question is, why aren’t you living there now? Is it because of costs? Maybe it cost too much? Or is it away from your family and friends? Or is it too far from your job or your spouse’s job? Today, we’re going to discuss living by design, or what john Maxwell calls it. Intentional living. Remember, when you were a child, you know, we were kids, and we had this childlike enthusiasm about life, and fear just never even entered our mind. Well, I’m going to tell you my story, and why I chose to live in the country in which I did and I’m going to challenge you to just stop, pause and ask yourself, hey, am I living by design? Or am I living by default? Now, I just returned from Italy last night, still, a little bit jet-lagged. But that’s okay. And we just had my family and I had such an amazing time there. I mean,, we ate like kings and queens. I mean, I’m talking like handmade pasta, steak and all the fresh seafood and wine and pizza, and just tremendous. And so all just beautiful sights, I mean, wonderful overlooks and in the hills and valleys, and I remember being on top of an active volcano and just overlooking the entire region. We hung out with friends and local squares and engaged in just great conversation. And I’m on a flight last night, just thinking, Okay, why is it that I no longer live in Italy? You know, I mean, we had such a great time, how come? How come I don’t live there anymore. And then I pulled out my laptop and just started looking at old photos and just typing in some things. And I came across some studies that I want to share with you today. There’s a group called Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. And they organized what they call a better life index (BLI). It’s simply a organization that builds better policies to improve lives. And they have a range of subjects that they look at, I mean, social, economic, and environmental challenges. And they put all of these countries side by side, and they measure each of them. And so I’m going to talk to you a little bit about Italy, and America and why I made the decisions that I that I made. So, you know, Italy is literally one of my favorite countries in the entire world. But then when I’m challenging myself and ask myself why I no longer live there, I look at this index. And Italy, they rank very favorably in these areas. work-life balance, civic engagement, social connection, and health status. Italy is very low and subjective well being environmental quality, jobs, earnings, and personal security. Now, just you know, let that sink in a little bit because I know money while it can’t buy happiness, it’s very important and in achieving a higher living standard. You know, you’ll hear these phrases all the time money can’t buy happiness Money can’t buy happiness, but it can it can definitely help and achieving a higher living standard. So and aligning Italy with the US. So let’s look at income. Italy ranked out of a scale of one to 10 a 3.7 for income. So that means that less than half of the people are making below average salaries. In the US it’s 9.1. So if you’re in the US mean, this is the land of opportunity. If you’re not making money here, then you’re probably doing something wrong. Jobs. Let’s look at jobs, Italy ranked 5.2. And the US ranked 8.4. Okay, so Italy is about average. You know, they, I guess half of the company, I mean, half of the country is, is they don’t really have sufficient jobs. But in the States, we rank 8.4, although we think our unemployment rate is high. If we look at the rest of the world, I mean,  it’s actually, pretty low. Okay. Safety. Now, this is interesting. So Italy, ranked 7.0 and safety in the us a little bit higher. I remember being on top of this, this volcano, inactive again, and there was no guardrails. Right? So I’m up there with my family. And we’re looking at the bottom and seeing the valley. And if you just take one false step, I mean, you go down to volcano, unbelievable, you know, or, we took so many different taxis and our friends driving us around, and I got an infant, you know, infant girl, and there’s no car seats, you know, I’m not putting her in a car seat, I literally have her on my lap. And we’re speeding throughout the town and is completely acceptable. And in my mind, I’m thinking, wow, how is this tolerated? Right. So safety is, is pretty important. So these three things, income jobs, and safety was one of the reasons why I decided to return to the States. But here’s what Italy ranks high in work-life balance, Italy ranks a 9.4 and work-life balance. So work-life balance, is simply how much you work against how much you play, and you want those to be pretty, pretty balanced. And the US is lopsided, right, we measure a 6.0 and work life balance. So that was one of the reasons why I decided to move there, because people have fun, you know, they enjoy their lives. I mean, they’re there, they’re just they experiencing life on their terms, right? They experience and some might call it happiness, others might not because they don’t have the economic means that you have in the States. And so I came to this epiphany, I’m giving you this long drawn out story, because in my mind, I chose to work in the States because of the economic strength. And I still have a life and Italy, right? So if you can work in the States, get the get money. And live in Italy. Because you know, that’s it’s all about pleasure and work-life balance, then, you know, that seems to be my recipe for success. But this story is, is, is used because I really want to challenge you to ask yourself, why are you living where you are? Did you make a conscious decision to live where you are? Or are you living where you decide where you’re currently living by default, you know, because I know we all know of people who haven’t even traveled outside of their, their block, you know, they live in on the same block that they were as kids and that’s you know completely fine. If you chose this lifestyle for yourself, then certainly that’s your decision. But make sure that your life is created. And all of your activities that you design that you place in your environment that you put inside of your life, your bucket, make sure that you chose that all right, and is not by default. So thank you, thank you wealth builders you know, I am a big fan and don’t ever let fear lead you okay, never let fear lead you I’m a big fan of grow into your environment. I put in my book wealth building for beginners how when I first stepped out and started describing the world, I did it with very little means, you know, I think I had less than a couple of thousand bucks in my pocket and I just stepped out.  Now we can’t always do that. Not everyone can do that. But never let fear rule you. Right. So take care of guys and I hope that you are living your best life. Until next time.

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