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Edward R. Williams

Author/Principal & CEO Williams Financial Group

Edward R Williams

Edward R. Williams is an author and financial planner.  In 2020, he was selected by Leading Maryland to receive their Excellence in Leadership Award.  His latest book, Wealth Building for Beginners, is used by individuals and business schools to provide a framework for building a secure financial future.  Those interested in building wealth regularly listen to his podcasts and take online courses that can be found on  Edward and his team of financial professionals are known for working with faith-based communities and instituting his cutting-edge process of a financial wedge to help congregation members achieve wealth. 

Edward attended undergraduate at Howard University, Business School at University of Maryland, and led investment competitions at Oxford University. Edward is an accomplished author and registered representative who works with investment company products, annuities, mutual funds, life insurance, estate planning, and retirement strategies to help individuals and families grow their wealth.

His latest book titled “Wealth Building For Beginners” was released on November 1st, 2020.  Wealth Building For Beginners is an instruction manual for ordinary people to build wealth from any starting point. Edward’s dad drove a taxicab and his mom was a court secretary, and growing up the number one priority with money was finding a way to get the bills paid. There were never any conversations about saving and investing. After hitting rock bottom, a significant event forced Edward to create an immediate, practical system for thriving financially, not only surviving, and he titled it The Wedge™. It’s a process of applying baby steps to overpower procrastination and using that momentum for building more wealth. The Wedge™ offers a foundation and framework for achieving financial success.  After transforming his own debt into wealth with his Wedge™ strategy, he has been teaching The Wedge™ concept to hundreds of thousands of people

Over the past 23 years, he has worked with numerous individuals, and businesses, to help plan for a successful financial future. His expertise in international business and finance has led to being featured in top publications in RomeItaly such as La Repubblica. Being fluent also in the Italian language has welcomed international clients to his financial practice. Edward was announced as a Million Dollar Round Table Member in 2018.

After working as an investment banker on Wall Street in New York, as well as London, England, Edward made the decision to start his own financial services company, Williams Financial Group, LLC.  The Williams Financial Group is currently on a nationwide tour educating faith-based communities and instituting with their cutting-edge process of a financial wedge to help congregation members achieve wealth. As quoted by Edward, “In my opinion, The Wedge™ is the only engine that separates the have’s and the have not’s. If it’s properly built, then a financial need or concern doesn’t exist.”

As an author and financial planner, Edward’s main goal is to help you make well-informed decisions on what types of financial tools are the right fit for accomplishing your goals. He also emphasizes the need to adjust financial plans as your goals and needs change. His team consists of wealth strategies consultants, life insurance consultants, advance planning, high net worth groups, retirement specialists, longterm care consultants, and a unit for small businesses. He believes in developing client relationships based on integrity, accountability, and excellent service.



Author, Edward R. Williams, interviews his father regarding a life changing moment.

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