Father's Day

What are some of the greatest lessons you’ve learned from your dad?

Video Transcript:

Hello, wealth builders. Last weekend, we celebrated Father’s Day and father’s, I just want to say I salute you. It’s not easy to be a father. Right, baby Edison. It’s not easy. So I want to hear what were some of the greatest lessons that you’ve learned from your dad, or some sort of father figure that you might have with some of the greatest lessons that you’ve learned? Please share it with me via email or send it to me on Instagram, www.Instagram.com/edwrwilliams/. But I’m going to share one of my greatest lessons that I’ve learned from my dad. My dad taught me the power of diversification. He would always say, son, never keep all your money in one place. You know, he drove a taxi cab as many know to support us. His passengers paid him in cash. This was you know, back in the day, alright. He would keep his $1 bills that his passengers paid him in his right pocket. And then he will keep his $5 bills in his left pocket that they paid him. He would keep his 20’s in his back pocket. And then the hundreds that he would get for airport jobs would go in his sock. This was his way of diversifying his assets. I know. It’s a bit unorthodox, you know, but by the way, Edison, I know you want to get the microphone, baby. But dad is talking to our wealth builders. Right? So my dad, he had a way of diversifying things and it was an unorthodox approach. But I took that knowledge and learned how to diversify my assets, and I learned how to manage risk, because my dad would say, hey, look, if someone ever robs me, because I have such a dangerous job, that I’m going to give them everything in my front right pocket. All right, I’m gonna give them all of the ones that was his way of diversifying his assets. And now I took it a step further and I make sure that you know, when you’re investing, make sure you’ve got your you’re stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate, real estate investment trusts, and you’ve got your college saving plans. So the message that I want to share as you know, fathers, you guys are great. A lot of people don’t believe in heroes. And I’ll tell them if you don’t believe in heroes, you’ve never met my dad and the message that I want to share to my little ones is to invest as early as possible, and as often as possible. That’s my message that I hope that you get. Well. So listen, wealth builders, let’s go ahead and have a strong week. And you know, fathers again, I salute you. Take care

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