Derrick Hayes the enTIEtainer Gets Great Results From Reading Wealth Building For Beginners

Derrick Hayes, A.K.A. the enTIEtainer, Tells Stories Through Neck Ties to Empower Others to Greatness. Derrick Hayes is the #1 Encouragement Speaker and is internationally known for having the unique talent of turning name and words into positive messages within seconds right before your eyes. Hayes calls these Derricknyms.
During workshops and seminars, Derrick Hayes teaches how to tie regular ties and also how to turn them into bow ties and the impact and feedback from men, women, and children was incredible.
Derrick Hayes has branded himself as the “enTIEtainer” and has added new tie tying techniques to his seminars, workshops, and Stand Up Encouragement sessions like tying one behind his back and turning it around to show others how to overcome adversity. 2 Chainz vs 2 Ties is a tribute to Hip Hop and Tauheed Epps who is known professionally as 2 Chainz (formerly known as Tity Boi) that inspires others to look at fashion as a way to lift themselves up when they fall. The Hurricane Harvey tribute was inspired by the events that took place in Houston, Texas where the “enTIEtainer” takes the socks off his feet and turns them into a Bow Tie right before your eyes to let audiences know that sometimes you have to walk through obstacles to get to opportunities.
The “enTIEtainer” is available to perform and uplift audiences at schools, colleges, corporations, meetings, events, concerts, festivals, clubs, casinos, churches, carnivals, and other venues where people need a positive vibe.
Book “enTIEtainer” now by visiting, emailing, or by calling 706-615-1662

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