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Class: Ten Steps To Wealth

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Instructor:  Author, Edward R. Williams

A groundbreaking moment for me happened shortly after I purchased my business license. My dad had been struggling with diabetes, and he needed his foot amputated. He needed some money to help with his hospital bills and to help keep Mom afloat while he was in the hospital. It was a very dark moment in my life because my dad is everything to me. He sacrificed a lot to give me a great future, as he drove taxicabs, risking his life to put food on our table. The lowest point of my life was when he asked to borrow some money for that emergency, and I didn’t have any money to help him. He never asked me for money before that moment because he always assumed the role of the giver to his family. The one time that my hero needed someone to rescue him, I couldn’t.

That was my breakthrough moment. I looked at the flashy life that I displayed to everyone, but I didn’t have any real wealth to show for my success. He and my mom ended up making ends meet because he was able to borrow money from his sister, other family members, and his friends, and all I could do was thank them for helping. I was powerless, embarrassed, and ashamed. I had only symbols of wealth with my material purchases. I will never leave my senior citizen dad alone and vulnerable in the jungle again.

This ten part online class will help get you on track with stronger positive habits and more financial education to build wealth from scratch.  

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